Wednesday, 20 January 2021
FaRo - The modular system
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FaRo takes advantage of more than 20 years of reserach applied to the America's Cup, the technology peak of sailing. The result is a product:

Reliable - The powerful, robust and reliable hardware is provided by Beckhoff, a company leader in the industrial automation technology. Every single component of FaRo is the ultimate evolution of years of research and it is provided after accurate control tests.

Scalable - The system is based on modular DIN rail components. The main processor comes in two versions, the powerful Pentium M 1.8 GHz processor and the light, low consumption, Atom 1.6 GHz. A/D converters, serial interfaces and counter terminals can be plugged on the side of the main processor or organized on remote nodes.

Fast -  The bus EtherCAT provides 100 Mb/sec transfer rate between the terminals and the main processor, ensuring a real-time information exchange between the processor and the sensors. Remote nodes are connected with a standard CAT5 ethernet cable.

Precise and accurate - FaRo brings to a new level the standard of electronic systems in sailing: sampling the analog channels at 1 KHz with16 bit resolution allows exploiting the performances of the last generation sensors.

Flexible - Everything can be changed in FaRo in few minutes: from the hardware configuration to the type of sensors used, from the relations between variables to the whole mathematic structure.

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